About Taffy's Hallmark

" Taffy's Hallmark in Rothschild, Wisconsin was first opened in 1977 by Taffy
  Williams. Since then, we've survived three recessions, Barry Manilow,
  big hair, and beanie babies, and we're still going strong.
  A few years later, in 1983, Jerry and Charlene Cram opened their first
  Jeri's Hallmark in Crystal Lake, Illinois, a few months before their
  daughter JerriDee married a handsome young man named Steve Flage.
  JerriDee was an RN and Steve was a farm boy turned banker. Little did
  they know what a future awaited them!
   Taffy retired in the mid 1990's and sold her 3 shops to Jerry and
  Charlene who were busy growing their business during the collectible
  boom of the 90's until 2001, when a death in the family prompted Jerry
  to downsize and inch toward retirement. JerriDee and Steve Flage moved
  to Wausau with their growing family of 7 towheaded children to take
  over the Wisconsin stores in the summer of 2001...eventually aquiring
  Jane's (now Taffy's) in Plover, WI, and Laura's (now also Taffy's)
  in Marquette, MI during 2007.

Flage Kids

  Finally, two children and eight holiday seasons later, a sadder, wiser
  and more experienced JerriDee bought the 2 Jeri's Hallmark Illinois
  locations in early 2009...implementing her No Child Left Behind
  program, dragging her 9 children all over Illinois, Wisconsin and the
  U.P...and having a ball doing so.
  We're thrilled about the direction our little business is headed, and
  we are passionate about providing unique, meaningful and fun cards and
  gifts to our customers across the Upper Midwest."